My Story…….

In my mid 30’s I left my life in the mountains of Colorado, went to Physician Assistant school and embark on a new adventure. It was hard for me to wrap my brain around this career change. I had always worked seasonal jobs and I loved fluidity of my life. I was not sure how I would find the right balance.

After I graduated PA school I went to Tanzania, East Africa for a year to facilitate medical care for children without access to the necessary care. It was amazing. I was able to develop deep connections that I value greatly to this day and forever.

After returning to States I work in the Emergency Department in Detroit for a while, after which I decided I need more career development. I began an Emergency Medicine residency program in Charlotte North Carolina. By the end of the residency I program I felt the itch to be mobile again, travel and explore the various medical systems around the country before finding my home hospital.

Many thought I was crazy…. but I called it Operation Freedom. It was the best decision I had made for my life, personally. This is not a life style for everyone…. but for me, right now, it is!!

4 thoughts on “My Story…….”

  1. Awesome story. It makes mo optimistic to hear you embarked on this change later in your life vs straight out of college. I’m 27 and waiting for my greencard to be able to go back to school to become a pa.

    Do you know which other countries other than Tanzania that allow PAs to practice ?

    I’m from south africa and hope this is country is on your list.



    1. Mostly, it is the USA, Canada, Netherlands, England and a few other European countries. My work abroad is voluntary, so sometimes it is easier to find PA assignments when there is not payment involved.


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